Welcome, I'm George

Here are some projects I've worked on

Here's how you can contact me

I'm 20 years old and from Maryland. I picked up coding during the pandemic and loved it, so I'm now attending the University of Maryland for computer science. I mostly use Javascript right now, but would be open to any role and would love to expand my knowledge of other languages and techniques.

📍 Location

College Park, MD / Columbia, MD

🎓 Graduating

May 2025

📖 Courses taken

Compilers (IP), Artificial Intelligence (IP), Algorithms, Programming Languages, Computer Systems, OOP I & II, Discrete Structures, Linear Algebra, Statistics

💪 Skills

Languages: JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, Python, Java, C/C++, Ocaml, Rust, Postgresql

Frameworks: React.js, Next.js, Node.js, REST API, Arduino, Django, Bootstrap

Developer Tools: VS Code, Git, UNIX, PGAdmin